Year 2005

  • Kapasuwan, S., Thoumrungroje, A. & Tansuhaj, P. (2005), “Labor Export: Ethical Issues and Social Responsibility of MNEs,” Review of Business Research, 5(1), 107-116.
    Labor export has become an important international business phenomenon. Despite numerous benefits to workers, companies and countries involved in such activities, ethical issues associated with labor export have not received adequate attention from researchers in the business discipline. Here, we rely on transaction cost theory and agency theory to explain the behavior of three major parties involved in labor export, including immigrant workers, recruiting agencies and multinational enterprises. A conceptual model and propositions for future research are provided, along with managerial implications and recommendations for multinational enterprises.
  • Thoumrungroje, A. & Tansuhaj, P. (2005), “Entrepreneurial Strategic Posture, International Diversification and Performance,” Multinational Business Review, 13(1), 55-73.
    Building on the entrepreneurship, marketing and strategic management literature, we propose a conceptual model to investigate the effects of entrepreneurial strategic posture (ESP), perceived environmental uncertainty and international diversification strategy on performance. The ESP-International diversification-Performance relationship is investigated using a contingency framework. Entrepreneurial strategic posture is postulated to influence the use of international diversification strategy of entrepreneurial firms. Moreover, perceived environmental uncertainty is hypothesized to strengthen the relationship between a firm’s entrepreneurial strategic posture and international diversification strategy, which ultimately affect the firm’s performance. Propositions for further empirical studies are provided in addition to managerial and theoretical contributions.
  • Thoumrungroje, A. & Rose, J. W. (2005), “The Roles of Intangible Assets and Website Localization on the Performance of Global Startups,” AU Journal of Management, 3(1), 19-30.
    Drawing from the literature in international entrepreneurship, marketing, and strategic management, this paper investigates the roles of the firm’s intangible assets and the degree of website localization on the performance of the global Internet startups. Despite various factors affecting the performance of such firms, our study, which is built on the resource-based view of the firm, focuses on the firm’s intangible assets and strategy. Our findings indicate that the performance of global Internet startups is strongly influenced by the degree of website localization. We also found partial support on the mediating role of the degree of website localization on the relationship between the firm’s intangible assets and performance.
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