Year 2003

  • Thoumrungroje, A. (2003), “The Effects of Entrepreneurial and Customer Orientations on Performance: The Mediating Role of Information Technology,” AU Journal of Management, 1(1), 15-22.
    This paper synthesizes the literature on multiple disciplines, including marketing, entrepreneurship, information technology (IT), and international business. The investigation on the relationships among entrepreneurial intensity, IT, national culture, new product success, and performance is presented. It postulates the mediating role of IT in the relationship between entrepreneurial intensity and new product success, and it explores their indirect relationships with business performance. In addition, the conceptual framework encompasses the effects of cultural differences on the hypothesized relationship between entrepreneurial intensity and IT. The author also presents a conceptual model together with the proposed relationships among the aforementioned constructs. Discussion and directions for future research are provided at the end.
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