Program Requirements

Requirements for Graduation Assumption University confers the degree of Bachelor of Business Administration upon students who meet all the general requirements and the specific requirements listed below.

During the junior and senior years, students choose a program of study in a major of their own choice with the following structure:

  1. Ten Major Required Courses
  2. Plan A: Five Major Concentration Courses (OR)
    Plan B: Five Business Concentration Courses (OR)
    Plan C: Five Major Elective Courses
  3. Three Free Elective Courses

Requirements IBM Credits

General Educational Courses 40
Business Core Courses  48
Major Required Courses  30
  Plan A: Major Concentration Courses OR  15
  Plan B: Business Concentration Courses OR  
  Plan C: Major Elective Courses  
Free Elective Courses  9
Total    142

General Requirements

To be qualified for graduation, the student must
• Complete all the requirements in the curriculum with an accumulation of at least 142 credits.
• Have participated in 16 sessions of the Seminar in Business Ethics.
• Have a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or above.
• Have library and financial clearance with the University.
• Have good behavior and discipline.
• Have made a formal application for graduation.

Specific Requirements

The students must have obtained at least a “C” grade in all major required courses.

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