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IBM Program Highlights

Equips students with the knowledge and expertise to pursue an international management career in various industries.

Structures courses around developing your interpersonal skills, ue of technology and tools and divrsing strategy.

Develops your communication skills through activities, group work, and in-class presentations.

Applies in-class teaching methodologies including lectures, small group activities, term projects, and case studies

Comprises a diverse group of inter disciplinary academics to teach various business areas.

Encompasses a multicultural environment with students from over 20 countries to provide an international learning experience

Program Objectives

  1. To develop proficiency in subject matters related to the various concentrations.
  2. To equip the students with skills in presentation, analysis and problem solving.
  3. To provide the students the analytical tools and conceptual framework needed to understand the international financial, political and economic environments.
  4. To enable the students to understand business from an international perspective and design strategies to improve an organization’s quality, productivity and competitive position.
  5. To prepare the students for careers in national and international organizations.
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