MSME Mission

Shaping Graduates towards Global Business Excellence

MSME Vision

Leading International Business School in the ASEAN region

Message from Chairperson

With rapidly changing global business environment and greater interdependence between the domestic and global businesses, knowledge and understanding of the global business environment becomes extremely necessary. The International Business Management (IBM) program with its global business, cross cultural and multilingual component is designed for high performing and aspiring students who aim at acquiring a strong understanding of the diverse global environment. The unique experiences that students receive through projects, guest speakers, special seminars and internships together with the invaluable classroom experiences provide IBM students a truly global edge. The program aims at developing the students’ skills in the areas of international entrepreneurial, cross cultural and communication skills and prepares the students to be socially responsible and competent in leadership, strategic planning and management.

Dr. Radha Siriankul
IBM Chairperson

Welcome to the Department of International Business Management (IBM)!!!

Our major was established in 1990, the first International Business Management program in Thailand. The program is designed to promote the study of international business and to produce leaders and entrepreneurs of the future. During the past decades, the IBM curriculum has been continuously updated to reflect changes in the markets. Our department ensures that all courses offered coupled with our innovative pedagogy will enable our students to understand different facets of international business and to cope with the challenges in the global business environment.

As of 2013, our enrollment size is approximately 500 students, of which 14% represents international students who are from 21 different nations around the globe. Our selective admission requirements ensure that we attract the most articulate and enthusiastic business students with the global mindset

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