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Global Leader Challenge (G L C)



The GLC aims to foster students’ understanding of global dynamics and how industries and organizations gain and sustain competitive advantage in an international context. By giving students the hat of the strategic decision maker, they are given the tasks to critically examine the strategic, organizational and managerial challenges faced by organizations in today’s international markets and to craft feasible and practical recommendations. More specifically, the GLC aims to achieve these goals:


  1. To develop the analytical thinking potential of students and help further their problem-solving abilities by combining the educative environment with business and organizational problems in creative and socially meaningful ways.
  2. To enhance student communication competencies for business writing and oral presentations whereby their ideas can be expressed clearly, decisively, and tactfully.
  3. To facilitate a wider platform for networking among institutions, industries, and universities/academics, and for mentoring between faculty and students.
  4. To contribute to the body of international business/management case studies by developing written case study problems in a way that is consistent with a university’s goals to advance knowledge, education, and social well-being.

The Inception of the GLC

The GLC was conceived as an extension to the course, International Strategic Management, offered through the Department of International Business Management at the Assumption University School of Management. International Strategic Management is conducted through a rigorous case study methodology whereby students engage in weekly case analysis for a wide range of international business problems.

In its intramural launch in March 2007, the 1st GLC involved 200 students comprising 32 diligent teams of 5 to 6 members. The teams were given ten days to review 16 articles found in the popular press without any hint as to how the articles are related nor to the scope of the focal issue of interest. The ‘case’ context was actually built around Thailand’s sugar industry with the strategic aim of improving the industry’s global competitiveness. From the 32 teams, the top five teams were selected through a ‘blind’ review from three business faculty members and based on the quality of the case analysis content. These five teams were then required to make a professional presentation to a public audience, including distinguished judges from industry and academia. Prizes were donated by several of our sponsors, with each of the five members of the winning team receiving a complimentary two-nights stay at luxurious Safari Beach Hotel in Phuket.

Subsequent GLC competitions have been arranged for both Intramural and InterUniversity teams. Our four intramural and two interuniversity competitions have a total of over 1,200 diligent and aspiring undergraduate business students from Assumption University, Bangkok University International College, Chulalongkorn University BBA Program, Mahidol University International College and the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce. In addition, we have had 36 institutions/corporations support our event in terms of providing the case context, expert judges, and prizes awarded.

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